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Coming from humble beginnings
Hip Hop Fashion

From shattering the bottoms of New York to moving masses during never-ending Los Angeles parties, hip-hop has completely transformed the music scene in the United States since the 90s. Today, hip-hop is one of the most renowned music genres and bleeds into a multitude of styles across the US, conquering hearts and minds on its way. One of the most prominent places, known as the hub of music, is Atlanta. Over the past decade, ATL has turned into a massive artist incubator. That’s where 808 was born. 

808 is a music networking platform dedicated to helping connect underground, undiscovered, up and coming music creatives, providing them an opportunity to grow their personal brand in the music industry. Making it awfully long and complex, the process of creating a piece of music often requires multiple key individuals to be involved every step of the way; collaboration is at the heart of the music industry. From artist features to producers, sound engineers, lyricists, and managers, a wide variety of people interact with the creation process. Traditionally, many artists connect with these types of people using inefficient means such as direct messaging via social media.


However, simple introductions like these have led to some of the biggest hits the Billboard charts have ever seen. It is a huge opportunity for artists in the industry to forge new relationships, learn from fellow talents, and make chart-topping hits. Utilizing our platform, undiscovered artists can collaborate with each other to create some of the best music in the business. Consumers can listen to the hottest songs worldwide, find local events and concerts, locate nearby studios, and much more. As we scale, we will provide music creatives with collaboration spaces and an opportunity to sign for record label services to help protect and distribute their content across America.

In this new digital age, the process does not just stop once a song is produced. Music creatives have to market themselves and their new music on social media, shoot music videos, and grow their image and brand. Our platform empowers the creative to connect with people involved in the pre- and post-production process, so that they can meet producers, engineers, songwriters, and anyone else who is crucial to the goals of the user. It is not easy to find the right connections, everybody would be in music if it was. But together, we can make it happen.