Arcadia The Delinquent

How did you get started? Tell us your story!

Hey I go by Arcadia, The Delinquent. I'm an artist, producer, and audio engineer. I started out just writing in elementary school and I've been creative my whole life. By high school I was rapping but didn't know how to make "music." In 2013, I downloaded FL studio for the first time and started making my own beats. After a while, I realized it was cheaper to record myself than pay for studio time so I got some equipment and that's what I did. My songs' mixes sounded terrible at first, and I didn't have money for an engineer, so I became my own engineer. Over time I got better, and it got to the point where I was good enough at it that it got the attention of other people, and I've been doing that ever since.

What is your experience in the music industry? Do you have any formal training or schooling? If not, are you self-taught and how did you learn your craft? What is your learning style? What are your favorite educational resources (ex. college, Youtube, etc.)?

My formal music industry experience isn't that long of a list. I mostly work with other local artists from the Atlanta area who I've put together a lot of local shows for. I never studied music growing up and it's one of my biggest regrets because I'm having to learn a lot of stuff now on my own. I learned engineering mostly by trial and error and watching hours of YouTube tutorials. Even today I'm still learning new tricks and I won't stop any time soon. I'm always learning from working with other people or just analyzing songs I like and trying to recreate certain effects. In high school, instead of doing homework I would come home and make beats until I fell asleep. I wouldn't recommend doing this because I almost failed all of my classes, but putting that amount of time into something you love is an irreplaceable learning method.

What are some credits and achievements that you have? Who have you worked with? Who have you collaborated with?

I recon that I've engineered 99% of RIPXL's music, and all of BADNEWZBOYZ songs, his and JustLeek's collaborative project. Them, BiasedJonny, and SupremeCreme are over at my home studio almost every day. We're always recording. Other than them I've worked with people like Larry League, Young Ghoul, Jay Americana, Tony Shhnow, and GAHM to name a few. Who are your biggest influences growing up and why? Who do you like to listen to now and why? Who’s on your playlist right now?

Tyler The Creator is the reason I make music. Without him, I would have never taken that step from just writing poems in a journal to making SONGS. I've tried to listen to as many genres as I can since middle school so I take inspiration from a lot of places. Braids (my favourite band ever), Yelle, Kanye, Arca, SBTRKT, Chrome Sparks, Hudson Mohawke and TNGHT, and Mike Will have all shaped my approach to production and sound design. Some of my engineering inspirations are Alex Tumay (he has to be on every engineer's list by now), Jeff Ellis, Seth Firkins (RIP), Mike Dean, and Neal Pogue. Right now I've been listening to a lot of Kenny Mason, Boregard, Thundercat, and My Bloody Valentine.

What are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve encountered or faced in this industry?

Getting your foot in the door is one of the hardest things for me. That and just my own mindset. The industry is oversaturated, everyone wants to be a musician right now, so you either have to be extremely talented or extremely lucky. Because of tha,t I'm kind of a perfectionist and I don't put anything out if I feel like it's not the most amazing thing, and because of that I don't have the most prolific output, but I'm working on it. I feel like I've been playing catch up because I just put my first projects out in 2019, and I spent years on them. Going forward I'm going to start putting stuff out at a more consistent pace. Also money. Money is a great marketing tool, and I've never really had a lot of it at one time. How would you describe your sound and style?

I'm very stereo. I almost never put a sound in mono, even sub basses. I know that might cause phasing or whatever but I don't really care. I just want to make stuff that sounds atmospheric and cool. Stuff that sounds like the music I listen to, but at the same time, doesn't sound like anything that's been put out before. I really want to push the sound forward and help pioneer new ideas whether that's through my own music or the music of other artists who want my help, which I'm more than willing to give to anybody. I don't hoard secrets and I don't hide how I make my music. I will share anything if it can make the collective of music lovers in the world sound better.

What are some of your goals this year?

I'm working on a very big project right now. I can't say much yet, but it's one of the biggest goals I've ever set for myself and I'm getting a large list of collaborators. I would have liked to have been done with it already, but the COVID-19 situation messed a lot of things up for me and my plans, so I've had to postpone a lot of things, and I hate that so much. Who are the top 3 artists, producers, engineers, videographers, or others you would want to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?

I would love to get in the studio with Kenny Beats and KEY!. I feel like we would have a lot to talk about. I feel like I could learn a lot from Frank Ocean's collaborator's like Jeff Ellis and Malay. The work they do with him is so powerful and inspiring to me. UnkleLuc is one of the dopest videographers out right now, I have a lot of respect for him and I wanna get one in with him ASAP!

What is your creative process like?

I'm constantly playing with sounds and effects and putting things together in different ways that haven't been done yet. 90% of the time you're gonna hear distortion and flangers in my songs. I can't get enough of that at the moment.

What’s your favorite go-to order?

$5 cookout tray with Cajun chicken sandwich, fries, hushpuppies, and a strawberry cheesecake shake.