Blue South Recording Studios

How did you get started? Tell us your story!

Blue South (aka "Blue Room Studios")  started in 2009 in a small room not much bigger than a closet space in west midtown Atlanta. Originally leased as a space to focus on songwriting and production, we quickly discovered a talent for booking recording and mixing sessions as well. As we started getting booked, we continuously made big bets to re-invest our money to grow the studio. Our first purchase, which was huge for us at the time, was financing an m149 microphone. Having $6,000 microphones was not something you see every day in spaces as small and affordable as ours; we were committed to quality from the start. 

Another strong attribute that made us successful was our strong team culture. We built loyal relationships early on with our interns, assistants, and recording engineers. In fact, James Kang, the current partner owner of our Hollywood location, was also our very first intern in 2009. Other team members have been working hand and hand with us for years, such as mix engineer Keith Dawson, and engineers Zach Schultze, Timon Adams, Natalie D’Orlando, and producer Kevin Williams. All have been a very close-knit team built around loyalty, humility, and an artist/creative centric mentality, and trust.  They’ve each achieved platinum records and a few Grammy nominations along the way.  

As a studio, we’ve always considered ourselves outsiders. We do not mingle with industry professionals, we do not speak on panels, we do not focus on charts or what’s trendy at any given time, and we do not act like we know what’s hot or try to impose our views or opinions on any artists creative journey. We really just love to provide a “safe space” so to speak – a creatively inspiring environment built on self exploration and music first. 

As a producer and writer, I have personally always been very observant to how recording studios functioned; I was easily frustrated with bad service, or slow engineers that did not seem interested in the music, or overly crowded/hang out environments that I felt were a distraction, or the recording studio focus always being second place to underline goals of being publishing companies or networking. I have always been focused on attracting artists and creatives with a similar mindset and wanted to cater to individuals that are truly passionate about their music and creative exploration without limits. The ones that can also appreciate the focus, clean environment, and dedication to customer service that our team brings. 

The artists we work with trust us to know how to mold to their needs even if it sometimes requires being invisible and staying completely in the background. We carry our agenda on our sleeve which is serving the artist first in any way and being solely focused on providing the best, safest, and most inspiring environment for artists. Creativity is a very sensitive process and we always strive to preserve the organic nature of it in any way possible. 

Over the years, our studios have grown from a small space with home made acoustical treatment to two world-class production facilities in the epicenters of Los Angeles and Atlanta, GA. Along the way, we have been fortunate enough to get to work with artists such as Andre 3000, Childish Gambino, Nas, Brett Eldredge, Juice Wrld, Khalid, Uzi Vert, Neyo, Lea Michelle, Becky G, Rvssian, Chance the Rapper, 6lack, Jeezy, TI, Summer Walker, Rachel Platten, Cody Simpson, Playboi Carti, The Migos, and much more.

Who's a part of your team?

Natalie D'Orlando (Top-Left): Engineer/Songwriter/Vocal Producer

Born and raised in Atlanta, Natalie allows home to guide her way through the musical world. Pulling from influences such as Babyface, Bruce Swedien, and Diane Warren, she treats each session as a chance to experiment in new and exciting ways — both technically and creatively. After five years of developing a broad client list at Blue Room South, her drive to invite new projects into the facility continues on.

Timon Adams (Top-Middle): Engineer/Producer

Originally from Cleveland, Timon has been a part of the Blue South team for 3 years now. He brings a high level of professionalism, a calm demeanor, and a refreshing positive energy to everything he does. Timon’s heart is in Hip-Hop and R/B music and his passion is to help clients reach their peak creativity. Influences: Kesha Lee, Alex Tumay, Seth Firkins, Al Schmidt, Keith Dawson, mixedbyAli.

Kevin Williams (Top-Right): Music and Vocal Producer

Kevin K Wills Williams is an experienced Music and Vocal Producer. In 2005, Kevin Williams graduated from Full Sail University with an Associate’s degree in Recording Arts. He started his career at Circle House recording studio in Miami. K Wills production style can be traced back to the influences of Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Timbaland, and The Neptune’s. His sound is visually inspired and very rich in texture and feeling.

Zach Schultze (Bottom-Left): Engineer/Mixer

Originally from Kansas, Zach has been working out of Blue Room for the past four years. He Started as an intern and has quickly advanced to one of our head audio engineers. Zach has played multiple roles at Blue, from holding down assistant and management duties when needed to being one of the go to engineers on the team. Zach’s long term goal is to develop into the best mixing engineer he can be. His influences include: Ross Lara, Keith Dawson, James Kang, Alex Tumay, and Seth Firkins.

Ramon Gonzalez (Bottom-Middle): Assistant Engineer

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ramon has set high standards for himself and others around him. He started his career interning for Blue West in Hollywood while attending The Los Angeles Recording School. Ramon focuses on offering the best customer service possible for artists in the studio. He recently moved to Atlanta to grow as an engineer/producer and is looking forward to working with new artists in Georgia and experimenting with all aspects of audio engineering. Ramon’s influences: James Kang, Max Lord, and Jaycen Joshua.

Bill Jabr (Bottom-Right): Owner/Producer/Musician – Founder of Blue South and West from Atlanta, GA.

Bill’s background includes writing and producing across multiple genres, performance guitar, piano, bass, and business management. He is currently working on future studio design concepts and helps run both south and west studios. His biggest influences include Rick Rubin, Rick Hall, and Niles Godrich with artist and creative influences from Prince, Radiohead, and the Beatles.

They have been involved in some of the most notable songs and projects to date. Some of them include:

Khalid - Location, Wale - Bad, YG and Jeezy - My Hittas, Jeezy - Seen it All (whole album), Cash Out - Cashing Out, Summer Walker ft Usher - Come Through, Juice Wrld - every song on Death Race for Love album and 4 songs on Goodbye and Good Riddance - several songs that have gone gold and platinum, Playboi Carti work on Die Lit album, Uzi Vert - Bean (Kobe), Slander - all you need, music from the show Atl. Paper Boi theme song written by Steve G recorded at Blue South, JID - 151 Rum, YFN Lucci - Everyday We Lit and many more.

Some of their services include:

Recording, Mixing, Mastering (coming 2020), Production, & Vocal Production