How did you get started? Tell us everything!

My name is ghosty. I've always been into music, pretty much all kinds. Since I was young I played guitar and piano but quit when I got to high school to focus on rapping and producing. I was born here in Atlanta and grew up listening to thug and Gucci but later got big into the carti/uzi hype, both of whom largely inspire my tracks.

I got into rapping and producing because I love rap music and culture, but mainly because my friends convinced me to. Back in high school my boys and I would freestyle whenever we hung out, and I guess I was the only one who could keep a flow so they got me to release something so we could see what people think. That was back in tenth grade, 2016 I think, when I dropped my first track (which was garbage) but the more I worked with the music and flows, practiced freestyling, and perfected my mix, the more I improved at the craft, and I soon grew to love the whole creative process.

Although I released a couple of tracks, I didn't take rapping seriously until this year, honestly. I feel like it took me 4 years, but I finally have the right people around me and found my sound, and I'm ready to share it with the world 2020.

What is your experience in the music industry? Do you have any formal training or schooling? If not, are you self-taught and how did you learn your craft? What is your learning style? What are your favorite educational resources (ex. college, Youtube, etc.)?

I taught myself how to mix and master through experimentation and a couple of Youtube videos. Since my first track, I've used Logic Pro to mix and master vocals, and Fl Studio to produce beats (although I mainly stick to vocal production in Logic). I remember I would record a vocal sample, and then just randomly add stock plugins and VSTs in Logic and mess with the dials to see how the vocals changed. Once I got frustrated with that, I watched some simple mixing and mastering tutorials on Youtube to gain baseline knowledge and then took it from there. I've also learned a bunch of helpful tips from some of the producers I've worked with.

What are some credits and achievements that you have? Who have you worked with? Who have you collaborated with?

I've been added to a couple of playlists and will have one of my tracks featured on the808wave Instagram page soon (shoutout to 808). I've worked with a couple of rappers that went to high school with me and a lot of fire producers that I've met all around the US. Some of my favorite producers I've worked with are Lex, Dann, and Lil Fobba.

Who are your biggest influences growing up and why? Who do you like to listen to now and why? Who’s on your playlist right now?

In terms of music, Lil Uzi, Playboi Carti, Young Thug, Drake, and Travis probably inspire my stuff the most. Right now, I've been messing with Lil Keed, Lil Gotit, and Gunna, I feel like they've been on fire recently.

What are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve encountered or faced in this industry?

One obstacle I faced was finding people who can mix and master vocals without paying big bucks. It was so difficult for me to outsource my mixing/mastering that I just had to learn how to do it myself. Another is getting people to listen to my tracks. Promotion is tough, but pretty necessary to get plays.

How would you describe your sound and style?

I never really thought about this, but I feel like I have two different styles. One side of my music is good vibes/uplifting and the other is dark and very real.

What are some of your goals this year?

I shoot big, my number one goal is to get 1 million plays on a track. I also think it would be really cool to feature on a track by an artist who I'm a fan of.

Who are the top 3 artists, producers, engineers, videographers, or others you would want to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?

I want to work with Playboi Carti, Lil Keed, and Cole Bennet.

What is your creative process like?

I usually just get in the studio and freestyle to a beat I wanna work on until a good flow or melody hits me. After that, I'll start writing and after it is written I'll record the vocals and adlibs. After I get everything recorded, I'll start to mix the vocals and add effects to liven up the track.

What’s your favorite go-to order? (food-wise)

Spicy chicken sandwich meal at CFA with that cookies n cream milkshake and Polynesian sauce.