Patchwerk Recording Studios Celebrates 25 Years in Business

What is Patchwerk's story?

Patchwerk Recordings was founded by Bob Whitfield, an offensive tackle who played for the Atlanta Falcons for 13 years. He initially worked with his close friend, Ras Kaas, to create their first demo. He realized that they had the potential to do great things and he worked with his friend, BJ Kerr, to help release Ras' first single "Remain Anonymous." The single created waves throughout the industry and earned a Hip-Hop Quotable in The Source Magazine, which led to Patchwerk partnering with Priority Records in 1995. Halfway through that year, Patchwerk opened up a full service recording studio in Atlanta. During the first six years of business, they recorded more than 60 gold and platinum records. They were behind "Soul Food" by Goodie Mob, "ATLiens" by OutKast, "Soul on Ice" by Ras Kass, "My Way" by Usher, "Stankonia" by Outkast, and much, much more.

Today, it is currently owned and operated by Curtis Daniel III and Mike Wilson; Curtis was Bob's childhood friend and Mike is the Chief Engineer. Together, they are still committed to being "Sonically Superior" and have rightly earned that title.

What do they offer?

Patchwerk is a full-fledged company in the music industry. They are not just a studio but a place where talented music creatives can go to create the best of themselves. Other than the basic recording, mixing, and mastering services, they offer vocal tuning and editing, vocal lessons and coaching, in-house music production, vocal production, label services, digital distribution, graphic design, photography and videography, consultations, "Check my Mix" sessions, and host a multitude of private events. Their recording rooms are of the highest standard. Studio 9000 (A Room), Studio 995 (B Room), and Studio 1019 (C Room) are some of the best recording rooms you will ever find. The production studio and mastering studio are of the highest quality as well.

Patchwerk also has extraordinary tracking, recording, mixing, and mastering engineers that make every record sound they way it is supposed to. Some of them include Luther Banks, KennyMixx, Luke Campolieta, Evan Melville, Alverne Emmanuel, Josh Jay-Anayas, Anthony Jones, Anthony Majors, Rayshaun McIntosh, Daniel Tuggerson, James Butler, Patricia Williams, Anthony Gonzales, Ronnie Land, Kori Anders, and Ray Seay.

Patchwerk also offers a variety of contests and events:

That Tight 32 is a monthly challenge for artists and producers to see who can deliver the best 32 bars. Patchwerk offers free studio time, professional personal graphics, a video interview, and much more as prizes.

Weekend Workshops can include certain topics such as Entertainment Law for Music Makers,Public Relations in Music, Mastering, The Importance of Vocal Coaching, Making Money in Music, and Mixing: The Good and The Bad.

IdOMUSIC is a Social Networking Conference that bridges the gap between our online and “real life” networking platforms. During the event you are able to witness live performances by aspiring artists and 32 Emcee and Producers will be afforded the opportunity to be interviewed live and have their music played. Patchwerk tailors these specific opportunities so that you can build relationships with individuals that you may need to fill a void in your business strategy or those that are genuinely in need of your music services.

Overall, Patchwerk Recording Studios is one of the most reputable and prominent studios in the Atlanta area. They have established themselves with many gold and platinum records and are continuing to impact the music industry every single day. This year they are celebrating their 25th anniversary and are still "Sonically Superior", most likely holding that title for years to come.

You can check out more of their amazing hits below: