Rare Sound Studios

A Fresh-New Take on Studio Time

Made as the brainchild of platinum-selling artist K CAMP's newfound independence, Rare Sound Studios is a newcomer to Atlanta's music scene. Founded in 2019, the studio goes above and beyond the calling for a studio. Rare Sound charges a premium not just for its pristine recording studios but its open, 5000 square foot creative complex, with features such as an infinity wall, green screen area for visual creatives, a basketball court, gym, a lounge area, as well as office spaces. However, Rare Sound's true uniqueness comes from its membership system.

Rare Sound provides a membership option for music and visual creatives to utilize Rare Sounds creative amenities. Named after Driving modes, Eco Mode, Sport Mode, and Race Mode, the three tiers provide value for each price point.

Eco-Mode ($500 p/month) provides discounted studio time, advance entry, discounted event entry 7 hours of studio time, and a 1 hour A&R session.

Sport Mode ($1000 p/month) ups the ante to 14 hrs of recording time, use of collab space, use of creative space, priority booking, and a 2 hr A&R session.

Race Mode ($1500 p/month) delivers for its premium price, with 20 hours of recording time, use of collab space, use of creative space, priority booking, free event access, and a 4 hr A&R session.

K CAMP: Rare Sound's founder

Studios and services

Rare Sound provides incredible value in its two studios. Named after luxurious cars, the Lambo room (left) and the Hellcat room (right) immediately catch the eye with incredible aesthetics and design, with the Lambo Room drenched in white and cream-colored tones while the Hellcat room boasts strong and red and black color schemes. Each room is equipped with state of the art pro audio equipment, including MIDI Keyboard, microphones, outboard EQs, mixing boards, and the latest interfaces.

Aside from studio time, Rare Sounds in-house crew provides a variety of services such as A&R, mixing and mastering services, and office spaces that can be rented out. Additionally, unlike many other studios, Rare Sounds has a podcast space that can be rented out to individuals wishing to record podcasts.