Hip Hop Duke

Atlanta, GA, USA

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Bunduki Ramadan, also known as Hip Hop Duke is a breath of fresh air in the hip hop scene. His music is a direct reflection of his life and experiences. He brings about an eclectic sound combined with meaningful, witty lyrics that is bound to capture the attention of the masses.

Duke's family is from Juba, South Sudan. They migrated to Egypt due to the civil war outbreak in South Sudan. Duke was born in Cairo, Egypt. He was a 12 pound baby and his mother had a very difficult birth. He was large too large to pass through, lost all oxygen and wasn't breathing. The doctors had no choice but to pull him out by force which led to his brachial plexus injury on his right arm.

Duke and his family then migrated to Jacksonville, FL as war refugees. Growing up, Duke was always instilled with the strong value of hard work and eventually made it to the University of Florida where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Economics.

Duke later moved to Atlanta in order to pursue both his music and professional careers. He aims to inspire through his story and impact as many lives as possible.

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