Legendary DaPoet

Atlanta, GA, USA

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"If I Fuck With You Then WE Rollin Dank." Legendary DaPoet, aka Legend, is a vivid lyricist & storyteller from the North Burbs of Chicago with a soulful, sensual sound infused with sex, cannabis and social issues. He relocated to Atlanta, GA in 2018 after completing a Master's Degree at Auburn Univ. & published work on social justice & policies that perpetuated racism and poverty in real estate.
In 2016 Legend released “Swisha Soundz,” his debut solo project. In 2017, he met Alabama native DJ Stikuhbush ( www.instagram.com/djstikuhbush/?hl=en ) in college, who vibed with songs like “Drop It Low.” The two collaborated on his upcoming project “Swisha Soundz II” with production from Grammy Nominated Producers like Purps (808 Mafia), The Martianz, Love Pulse, Dreamlife, and more.
Legend declined a $120,000 salary to move to Atlanta & pursue his dream. Despite sleeping in the car for 6 months, he began networking with legends as an intern for the Coalition DJs Atlanta at Stankonia Studios. This lead to a studio session with Cory Mo ( www.instagram.com/corymomusic/?hl=en ), who recorded his new single "Jesus Piece" at Mad Studios Atl. A relentless grind, Legend finished 2 projects in 2018 and is releasing new music every month under the label he co-founded: Stay Elevated Productions. In April 2019, Legend had 2 songs "Come Thru" and "Shadows" featuring Grammy Nominated singer Breana Marin featured in the movie "Candy." www.instagram.com/p/BwktskjDODD/

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