Atlanta, GA, USA

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FRDMSOUND (Freedom Sound) is a Michigan
made Georgia based female rapper. Although a songwriter of five years, FRDM knew she’d never be fulfilled until she took the stage herself. And in 2019 she made her debut with the single “Standoffish”. “I talk about real shit and life in the streets from a young woman’s perspective. And what comes after making it out”, is how FRDM describes her musical sound and content. Although influenced by an array of artists from Black Sabbath to Three Six Mafia, what really pushes her pen is inspiring others, “I come from a place where you see people give up on life everyday. I do music for the people who feel their hell is eternal. By putting my all into music I wanna show people, like many others before me, that you can make it out as long as you never give up”. Currently in the works is her new project “All W’s” coming Fall 2019. Outside of being in the studio writing and recording you can catch FRDMSOUND at local Atlanta venues performing live.

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